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Work, Work, Work

Let us just say that since my last post in May, I have been working.
School ended on June the 6th and from then till the 9th I had the Glenwood dance academy show of the original production, written by the director,  the Last Greatest Show on Earth. It was a a perculiar show based on the story from the bible: The Prodigal Son. But within the script the bases of the story is on a circus. The younger son is a clown that is fed up with being in the circus, so he takes both his and his brothers share of the inheritance. Then in act two he loses all of his money from these gangsters that took him to the casino. Lastly he then is ordered to go him and beg for forgiveness, which he does in act three. Music included mission impossible, a song from a n Italian opera, music from Le Miserable,  and so on.  It was a great time. Also members of my new tech crew at the high school helped me tech it.
Soon after that aka the next day I was up in Aspen setting up for Food and Wine. I did not work it except on the last day because of my age, but it was fun anyway. It was a ton of work though. On the last day which was the 16th I micked a chef for the cook-off and i basically had my hand down his shirt. I didn’t realize until he was introduced that he was an Iron Chef. Iron Chef  Geoffrey Zakarian.
Then after Food and Wine I had about a week off, so I got to go to strawberry days, Glenwood Springs big summer festival. Ton of fun and I got gifts for multiple people. There is no problem with being prepared.
By Sunday I was back in Aspen setting for another big event called Ideas put on by the Aspen Institute. Talk about big, I was looking at the front row of the opening ceremony and Yo Yo Ma, Katie Couric, General McCrystal, Pierre Dulaine, and so on and so on. It finishes here on Tuesday so I am still working,  but I do have to say, there is a lot of money in the world. But there is also great ideas.
Oh I also got to shake Pierre Dulaine hand and dance with him too!! It was awesome!  I have his business card to prove it.

~God Bless~


Finding a Rhythm

May of my junior year of high school. Life is speeding along like a truck without brakes. 

Colleges are sending me emails like there is no stop on the floodgate, and I have visited a couple to see what they are offering. 

My name within my community is continuing to increase. Right now it is starting to get scary because my calendar is starting to fill to the brim. Next year I will have to turn down shows and that makes me sad, because I am going to be taking 3 AP classes including: Physics, Calculus  and English. I am most excited about the physics and Calculus  A math person through and through. 

Last week was prom and my God, it was so much fun!! I can not wait for next year, wonder what the juniors of next year are going to do? 😉 (Plus won a tablet at A.P.E.) 



Going with the title I gave this post I think my rhythm for this blog is at least one a month, for at least I can space myself, without making blogging a chore.  Because once it becomes a chore, why do it?

 Almost done with the Outlander series by Diana Galdbadon. If you enjoy romantic, and historical fiction. Read it. Also because of this series for my senior trip we are going to Scotland. I can not wait. The green hills and the tinted scotch is calling! 

~God Bless~


Between Work

Long time no post. Finally it has been a week of break from the high school show of Grease which was AMAZING! We had 4 sold out houses, first time ever with the new theater. Every night we had to turn people away. I was stage manager for this show, first time as stage manager and boy am I glad that I do not do it all the time. The reason I stopped posting was because after the show I had school work, so sadly posting went to the bottom of my list.

Since then I have been catching up with school, and enjoying going home with the sun up. Which by the way is really really nice here in Colorado. But as always I am ready for the next one. I have been getting a little antsy being home, luckily the Kiwanis talent show is on Wednesday so dress is on Monday (Do not ask me why they separated the show and the rehearsal by the day).

Today though I asked a girl out to Prom, talk about nervous butterflies in my tummy. She said yes 🙂 Can’t wait now!

~God Bless~

Bad Internet

We are here in Boulder! Viewing CU Boulder and my Lord it is gorgeous.

Yesterday we got here to Boulder and we are staying in the Hotel Outlook and it is a completely waste free hotel, so it is actually reducing all different kinds of waste! If you are going to Boulder STAY HERE! The only downfall is the internet can not connect very well. But hey, ohh well!

Yesterday at the campus though we had a tour of the Pueblo campus, which was nice for a University of 5000. Really modern and quite astounding. Now seeing a university of 30,000 I can see the difference very easily. But the tour was nice. After the tour the woodwinds had a master class, then most to everyone went to lunch. I on the other hand, went to a social studies kind of class. It was going over Hinduism, I did not want to leave that class room. Once the lecture was over I wanted the professor to continue to teach. It might have been because I don’t need to turn in any homework or take any test but still….It makes me want to go to college that much sooner. And don’t worry I took lots of notes 😉 . Finally after arriving at the hotel, putting everything down to get ready for a concert at the Concert Hall for a performance by the Wind Symphony and the Symphonic Orchestra. The Concert Hall was a place out of Europe I swear, it was spectacular! It was truly jaw dropping!

Today to change to a different tune, we started by playing in front of a pre-doctorate of directing, so he was still a student but he was the high and middle school band teacher. Soon after was the campus tour, which was the time where my eyes opened to what is out there in the world. What my father call’s the “Food Circus” was impressive beyond imagination. Name almost any type of food it was there, besides Greek, French, British, Arabic, and….ohh sorry just a few missing. After lunch was watching the rehearsal of the Symphonic Orchestra start to play their new music. Ps they were sight reading and I swear they were playing this music for months. Another incredible sight and sound. By the time it was finished our band played with the University Band (The one that anyone can play in) which was still entertaining with some very difficult pieces. What I have learned is that I need to continue to work with my breathing and breath support. Finally after that finished it was off to the Hotel to finally get in some homework time. Ps I needed it, and personally it needed it a lot less then everyone else. Many of the rest of the band are really behind in their classes so I am not worried but I need to head off to bed so a picture of the CU Boulder and CSU Pueblo Schools.


~God Bless~

On Tour

I am over in Pueblo currently on tour with my concert band, touring colleges  Today was our first full day of classes and tomorrow is another half day. And let me say this THIS IS SOO MUCH FUN!

Tomorrow is a half day then another couple hour drive over to Boulder.

Today was full of music history, theory, choir, tech, quintet, and playing with the university band. The music history class was called music appreciation an we learned about the Baroque period. From this period came Handel, Bach, Vivaldi. If none of this composers ring a bell, be ashamed and go listen to them! Then in choir I got to listen to the chamber choir, which just makes me want to go to college choir that much faster because from what I have heard most of what is sung is Latin pieces which are the the bomb. I love singing classical pieces. After choir was woodwind tech, in this class those college students that are studying to become music teachers pickup new instruments and get a hang of them so they can teach other beginners. These past 4 weeks they have been doing the clarinet! Me and the other 2 clarinets in that class felt all of the pain that these college students were feeling. Afterwards I got to spend some alone time with the professor and got up in the 4 register (aka very high) and was very proud of myself. Woodwind quintet was so much exciting to listen and watch four different instruments and people come together and play such great music. Also got to hear a great oboe player which is quiet rare, from my limited experience. The clarinet in the quintet also did not have the easiest part, I could follow with my eyes but those 1/16 note runs are insane, Beethoven why for art thou so cruel to us? Lastly was playing with the university. Our band received music that the band was playing at 6:30-9:00 tonight and it reminded me of playing in honor band, we had three bass clarinets, 6 tubas, and tons of trumpets so it was really pumping for sure. Today was exciting I can only wait until tomorrow.


So this whole week I will be posting everyday because I am also supposed to turn in a typed kind of journal, so why not write it so you can read it too.



~God Bless~


Just finished one hell of a week and another is just about to begin.

But the good thing is that Grease is coming together and it is pretty awesome for sure! Today the cast went down to the middle school for a “flash mob” and it was a hit”. So much fun being there with everybody and while being backstage with the crew it felt as if we were on tour. Everyone was freaking out on how they were to enter and how to space themselves while dancing, it was fun seeing everyone out of their elements.

Tomorrow is set painting, then the entire set will be ready for the show! (Sorry I am very chaotic tonight so I have many short thoughts)

Then on Sunday the band goes on a college tour and we do not return until Thursday but I am worried for my Grease cast, I know they will be fine on their own but I will miss them for sure!

Other than that here is a little innocent laugh that my social studies teacher showed us in class, one of the best S.S. teacher ever!


The New Influx

For the past week I have realized how popular those that have good grades are with colleges. My online and physical mail boxes have been packed full with colleges from almost everywhere in the U.S.

The problem is:

-I want to stay within state.

-I want to go in for technical theatre, a major almost no one has.

So a lot has gone into the trash but today at school the CCU(Colorado Christian University) chamber choir and sang and their director was the same director that directed the Colorado Choral Select Choir which I participated in, and he is now one of the top director that I have ever had. I almost tempted to go to CCU just for the choir director, which I know sounds sad but hey he is just that awesome!

Other that college the only thing that is taking up all of my time is Grease and boy does it take up time. I am glad that I have not always been stage manager because it really takes it out of you. It is much much easier just doing sound or lights I swear. Stage manager I have to be there every night but when just doing sound I do not need to come in until a week before opening of the show.

Just for all of us introverts in the world I found another good reading from my favorite author’s blog.  


~God Bless~

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